I spent four sessions with Kath and found the whole experience immensely relaxing.  The initial session explained the process for the following ones and so I wasn’t at all nervous.  The studio is so calming and cosy, a real home from home, and Kath is very friendly and professional.
As a result I feel far more confident, less anxious and able to cope more with everyday life in general.
 Since finishing better sleep has been a positive side benefit, I’ve experienced one night where I struggled to sleep as I was concerned about a work issue. At about 1 am I remembered the relaxation recording from Kath, thinking nothing would come of it as I was so awake and stressed I was amazed to find myself waking up the following morning having finally slept soundly.  Would thoroughly recommend seeing Kath, even if like me you’d never considered hypnosis therapy, all in a positive experience

V. J.
Salford Priors

I was recommended to try hypnotherapy with Katharine by my sister to ease and manage my stress and anxiety and to help me sleep better. I have to be honest, I was a little apprehensive at first but after speaking to Katharine I kept and open mind and went for a session. Katharine was so lovely and put me at ease straight away. She was thorough and explained each step of the process.
Having completed 5 sessions, I have to say I am less anxious and my stress levels have hugely decreased especially when faced with situations where I would normally feel quite overwhelmed. I am definitely more positive about life in general and myself. I am sleeping like a log now too which is amazing as it has really improved my overall mood and well-being. The meditation has also had a great impact. My family, close friends and colleagues have all said that I've been more relaxed at have noticed a change in me which was the biggest surprise of all.
Katharine, I can't thank you enough x

S. W.

I saw Kath for 4 sessions.
She was kind, friendly and professional.
I felt really at ease and found the whole process really enlightening.
It has helped me to manage my busy lifestyle and avoid the overload of stress and anxiety which had such a detrimental effect.
Thank you Kath, I now have tools for life.

S. M.

Hi, thought I would update you on progress, very motivated in my running .... doing 3-4 times a week!!

Enjoying it !! And still listening to tape. Weight loss is slow but sure, i seem to be more bothered about the fitness at the moment! I think your sessions helped me get motivated! I just need another session now for my nails!! Thanks for all your help x

T. G.

The sessions with you did me a lot of good and I attended my first exam feeling prepared for it.
I can't thank you enough. Also, I felt more motivated in general and more aware of all the good things in my life, just because you were always making me think about them.

L. V.

I’d been considering hypnotherapy for many years, but was really quite skeptical. Finally I decided to give it ago taking a nothing ventured nothing gained attitude. 
Feeling nervous and having no idea what to expect , by good fortune I was put in touch with Katherine. She immediately put me at ease and thoroughly explained in layman’s terms what it would entail and how it worked.
It was incredible. During the ‘trance’ the feeling of total relaxation is amazing. But the benefits of the hypnosis are felt long after the session has ended.
Katherine’s really friendly and so keen to make a real difference to your life.

I’d recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat.
The difference she has made to my life has been huge, I’m more relaxed, more focused and happier.

Thanks Katherine!

C. G.

I have experienced a massive change in my head/life etc.
And I have been singing your praises to close friends who , to be fair, have noticed a change in my demeanor in the last month or so. I hope that they get in touch.
My life is better now.
Thank you.

E. A.

 I was at a point in my life where I felt I had nothing to lose by trying something different. Life had been too hard for too long, and I was really ready to make a commited change. That and I really had tried every other kind of therapy!

Not to take away from the effect other therapies have or may have for others, but I really felt like I was in the longest, darkest tunnel, searching daily for a way out and never finding a speck of light that wasn't just an illusion. To follow through with the metaphor, it truly feels like hypnotherapy with Katharine has been the only thing in 15 years of struggle with entrenched anxiety and depression, to have enough sense to meet me in the tunnel with a light and a map, rather than encouraging me to reach out to a voice in the blackness calling from the end of the labyrinth.

As a result of commiting to Katharine's advice, coupled with her friendly manner, infectious sense of humour and truely encouraging nature and direction, my general stress and depression is all but alleviated, my OCD is calmer and less intrusive than ever, and my anxiety is more on a stable foundation road to recovery, with the appropriate tools and answers to help me continue by myself, than I ever hoped to achieve. She has been an absolutely indefinable asset to my recovery, and I wouldn't be the person I am right now without her help. And now that I actually like who I'm becoming, that's a pretty big thank you I owe her!

I couldn't recommend her more, and would absolutely give her card with faith to any one willing to commit to overcoming their anxiety.

K. N.

I met with Katherine a few months ago. After trying various other treatments from other professionals with little success I thought hypnotherapy could and hoped would help.
The first message was the hardest to do but Katherine soon made me feel at ease but anxiety stopped me from perusing further. After lots of talking with myself and friends I took the leap again, from the moment we first met I felt at ease and it was so easy and felt natural to open up about things and my issues. We met on a mainly weekly basis and for me that suited well. I could see improvements in myself and felt better about myself. Some days are still a struggle but with the techniques Katherine said to try those days aren't so much of a struggle.


I am very glad I came to you for hypnotherapy. You've been absolutely brilliant and it highlighted how much my life had sunk into daily survival rather than actually enjoying life. 
That's a HUGE step forward for me. You've helped me to start to turn things round and realise the changes I can make to have a happier life, and its been a lot more accessible than Id realised. 
Particularly in dealing with problems before they become overwhelming.
That's a huge success so THANK YOU!  I am a happy customer. 
I also want to say that you have a lovely approach to hypnotherapy - you are so kind and non-judgemental, Ive really enjoyed our sessions... and Ive left each session with a lighter step and a happier outlook.
Its all been positive. Im very happy to recommend you.

P. F.

Katharine made me feel comfortable from our very first session. She has helped me to realise the importance of taking care of yourself mentally, many people would treat themselves to a new coat or pair of shoes but a session with Katherine is more valuable than any material thing. She has already helped me open up and become more positive and self aware which has already had lasting benefits in my home life, thank you so much Katharine.


I enjoyed being in the relaxing environment and Katherines voice is very soothing.
If I struggled to sleep the recordings are very helpful and helping to wind down and get a good nights sleep.

K.T.  Evesham

Katharine is a great hypnotherapist. She really helped me with my anxiety issues and intrusive thoughts following the birth of my child. I can't recommend her enough for any problems you may have.
She is very friendly and easy to speak to!

G. G. Cheltenham

Kath really helped me when I was struggling with my stress and anxiety levels being a business owner with 3 young children and working for the NHS. She was very holistic and focussed on my specific issues guiding me to resolve them. I manage my stress levels so much better and still use the tools she gave me to work through problems. She's so caring and kind, you feel really comfortable. I'd not hesitate to recommend her to any of my patients.

Siân from Midwinter Physiotherapy, Evesham

I had hypnobirthing with Katharine in January - March and it was amazing!

I learned so much about what my body was going to go through and more importantly why my body would react in the way it did. Just knowing the actual science about how childbirth works allowed me to process my body's reactions to it appropriately using the skills Katharine taught me.

The self hypnosis she taught me allowed me to relax through not only labour but a few potentially stressful appointments in the later stages of pregnancy as i had developed a pregnancy related condition. This was invaluable in keeping me calm throughout all of the monitoring.

Using my self hypnosis techniques and Katharine's relaxation recording I was able to stay safe at home until my labour progressed to the point I needed to go into the hospital. This was so important as we were in lockdown and my partner would have been unable to join me if i wasn't progressed far enough into the active labour!

Due to Katharine's techniques I was able to feel calm as my body took over the birthing process and this ended up in a smooth birth and no injuries to my body or to the baby. 

The whole hypnotherapy for calm birth process helped me to bond with my baby during the pregnancy and after the birth too.

Three weeks after the birth, my baby became unwell and we had to call an ambulance because his breathing was affected. These techniques allowed me to keep calm and remain in my intellectual brain so i could deal with this in the best possible way.

Three months in and i'm still using the techniques after sleepless nights and during growth spurts when he's really unsettled. In fact just yesterday i took five minutes to do the self hypnosis because he grizzled all day and i had began to feel stressed. These tools have made me a better mother and allowed me to enjoy these times so much. Thank you Katharine, i will recommend you to everyone i know!

P.T. Halesowen (online client)

I have been following Kath's midweek relaxation sessions for several months now. I have also listened to them on replay at bedtime and my sleep has vastly improved. I can highly recommend. Thank you.

L. H. (online)

Highly recommended. I have used relaxation sessions frequently through lockdown.

K. T. (online)

Went to Katherine for some hypnotherapy last year and found the experience very helpful and took a lot away from the sessions. I now tune in every week for Midweek relaxation. Has been a savour many times when I’ve been struggling to switch off or relax. I highly recommend Katherine and the services she offers.

K. J. (online)

I can definitely recommend Katherine. Had a few sessions as was very anxious about childbirth from a bad experience before. I felt very calm when baby Rex was born just before Christmas.

F. F.

Having been a smoker for nearly 20 years and many failed attempts at quitting before, I made the step to try hypnotherapy.  Katharine is a very professional and personable practitioner with an evident amount of knowledge. She instantly made me feel at ease and confident in my ability and decision to stop for good. 
I would happy recommend the hypnotherapy services of Katharine to any smoker who wants to stop.

M.E. Worcester

My son had a massive fear of needles and could not even talk about it without getting upset.  He is so much more relaxed about them since getting therapy.  He really liked doing the treatment, he said it was very calming & relaxing. He felt a lot better about talking about injections (which he couldn’t even do before).
Katherine has reduced his fear and we couldn’t recommend her more

C.X.  Evesham

I turned to Katharine for some last minute support to overcome exam anxiety. She really went out of her way to help and I managed to stay calm and focussed. The effectiveness of the treatment was better than I could have hoped for in such a short time. I know I did the best I could, and it’s reassuring to know the brain can be retrained with the right help.

S.L.  Evesham

Many thanks to Katharine on many levels. I haven’t been in a position to see how the sessions have helped my particular phobia but I feel confident & much less anxious that I will be able to deal with it & other aspects of life when they arise. I would not hesitate to recommend Katharine as very calm, competent & reassuring hypnotherapist

J. K. Gloucestershire

Hypnotherapy helped me to think through and look at things in a different, more positive way. The therapy part prior to the Hypnosis part was as enjoyable and informative as the Hypnosis its self. I’m continuing to practice the ‘ Three P’s’, not surround myself with people who drain me and make me feel anxious and I’ve become more active and generally calmer in my day to day to life.  Go for it!!! Its Amazing!!!

K. H. (online client)

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