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HOW TO BOOST YOUR MENTAL HEALTH #3 with Primary Education Specialist, Kaytie Holdstock

In this episode I talk to Kaytie Holdstock, a Primary Education specialist, former teacher now lecturer, and founder of teaching resources site The Technicolour Teacher.

The Technicolour Teacher's website has free resources and ideas to support teachers in delivering a creative and colourful education, in a fun way. Kaytie's enthusiasm for the creative subjects really comes across in her bright, interesting designs and her range of resources for primary teachers is staggering!

Photo by Gautam Arora on Unsplash

Kaytie and I chatted about how children can increase their confidence and mental wellbeing, by taking part in creative activities. Art, drama, singing, any creative activity is great for boosting positivity, releasing feel-good chemicals in our brains, and keeping us motivated! Group activities really forge a sense of togetherness, working together for a shared purpose, so hopefully assemblies and shows will be back soon.

Children can be inspired by a positive role model, whether that's a teacher, parent or carer. If a tune or a painting isn't quite what we had in mind, for example, we can use language that is not self-critical, instead using positive phrases, indicating we haven't quite achieved it YET! This is the essence of the growth mindset, realising that we are all a "work in progress" and we never stop learning. Other valuable tips Kaytie had in our interview were about not comparing yourself to others; and taking part just for the enjoyment of the process - not the end result, which is something artist Nicki and I talked about in the first interview.

We also chatted about how fantastic it is that children are able to really let themselves go and try new things. They could definitely teach us adults a thing or two about the joy of participation, and not focusing solely on the end result .... as long as you enjoy it, then it's good for you!

If you have an anxious child, hypnotherapy may be worth a try. It can help calm down those big feelings, help encourage a positive focus, and help your child cope better by being more relaxed and having better quality sleep. Contact me if you'd like to find out more.

Click here to watch the interview: https://fb.watch/4we3TR9b36/

Kaytie's website is here: https://www.thetechnicolourteacher.com/

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