• Katharine Gardner

HOW TO BOOST YOUR MENTAL HEALTH INTERVIEW #2 with Occupational Therapist, Harriet Gallagher

In this episode I talk to Harriet Gallagher, an Occupational Therapist, founder of Huuman - based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

An occupational therapist assesses a person's daily routine and then helps to help make routine tasks and life easier. Harriet specialises in supporting adults with disabilities caused by problems with the brain or spinal cord; has expertise in helping older adults; and offers support for parents of children with physical or learning disabilities, to help support a holistically well life.

Harriet and I chatted about how how physical and mental health are linked, and how she supports her clients to live as easily and independently as possible. The impact of poor mental health can be far reaching, extending to a person's family, who may suffer worry, stress and financial pressures. When routine tasks such as washing, dressing and cooking are made easier, a person's confidence is increased, and their mental health is far more likely to be positive.

We have both had clients who we've seen on a longer term basis, as you would expect for any type of therapy. Interestingly, we've also both seen clients for only a handful of sessions, which has made a tremendous difference to their wellbeing. Harriet stressed the importance of investing in yourself, asking a professional for help, rather than struggling on alone.

Click here to watch: https://fb.watch/4kYXyEd7ZC/

Harriet's website is here: https://huuman.co.uk

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