• Katharine Gardner

Boosting your mental health interviews

One of the methods of improving wellbeing that I advise my hypnotherapy clients is to look for the positives already in their life. If there's not much of note, then we look at what they would like to do, what will bring them joy, excitement, satisfaction and fulfilment. When we increase our positive actions, activities, and interactions, our thoughts and habits are likely to be more positive.

Science tells us that when we feel more positive:

✔️ we can cope better with challenges,

✔️ we feel less anxious and stressed,

✔️ our sleep quality is better,

✔️ we can regulate our mood more effectively,

✔️ we feel more confident,

✔️ we can cope with pain better,

✔️ we're able to regulate our appetite better.

When we feel more positive, our brains produce happy hormones, that help us feel more in control, more confident, cope better and feel happier. We can choose how we respond in a considered and positive way .... rather than simply reacting (often negatively) to situations.

So, I decided to interview people who are working in various fields, which boost mental wellbeing. I ask their expert opinions on how our their approach boosts mental health and I ask for their tips for feeling more positive.

Perhaps you may be inspired yourself to learn (or rediscover) a craft, a physical activity or musical instrument, or something completely different that brings you joy!

If you can recommend someone for me to interview, get in touch with me here: info@kghypnotherapy.co.uk

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