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HOW TO BOOST YOUR MENTAL HEALTH #1 with Artist & Art Tutor, Nicki Redgewell

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

🎨 My first guest is artist and art tutor Nicki Redgewell. 🎨

Nicki captured my attention recently when I learnt she'd studied for an Art Therapy Diploma. The list of mental health benefits from doing art really got me excited and inspired.

One of the methods of improving wellbeing that I advise my hypnotherapy clients is to look for the positives already in their life. If there's not much of note, then we look at what they would like to do, what will bring them joy, excitement, satisfaction and fulfilment. So, I decided to interview people who are working in various fields, which boost mental wellbeing.

Nicki is a qualified teacher, so her clients are a mix of home education students and adults & children for lessons. We talked about how she has found that art can bring positive benefits to our mental health. It gives us time to slow down, reflect, zone out, get excited, feel inspired, feel motivated - a range of feelings. Some of Nicki's clients come for the company, as much as the art lessons.

Photo by thom masat on Unsplash

We also talked about how important it is that we just relax and enjoy the process, rather than focus on the end result. Nicki aims for every student of hers "to have confidence to be creative and be proud of their art process and achievements." So, if like me you are a complete novice, or a more experienced artist, you are bound to feel encouraged, motivated and more relaxed!

Click here to watch the episode: https://fb.watch/4wdQ8e15zF/

Nicki’s website is here: www.nickiregart.co.uk/

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