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HOW TO BOOST YOUR MENTAL HEALTH #8 with Nutritional Therapist, Pam Clark

In this episode I talk to Pam Clark, who is a Nutritional Therapist and runs Nurture Nutrition, based in Pershore, Worcestershire.

Pam and I talked about how we can make small positive changes, picking the "low lying fruit" first and how they can add up to give us really big results. Our brains are hard-wired for patterns of repetitive behaviour, so it can be hard to make changes. So starting small is so important, once you are on a roll and you get a positive result, you'll get the motivation to carry on, and feelings of anxiety and depression are less likely to take over and dominate us.

We reflected on how our clients are the experts on themselves ..... it's a fact that our own ideas are the best! Pam's finds her positive approach begins with acknowledging the client is in the driving seat, they are in charge. Then they choose one thing they can do today, to start making a change. Pam asks her clients what are their "rockets of desire", to really think about what they truly want .

Pam aims to help her clients flourish and make sustainable lifestyle choices.

A great result Pam finds from her nutrition coaching is that her client's blood sugar can be balanced. This stabilises hormones and feel-good chemicals, enhances mood and promotes healthy sleep. If her clients are struggling, she recommends taking a step back and analysing what you feel when a craving arrives and deciding if it supports your goal to eat that food ..... or not. And if you then do decide to eat it, be clear on why you're having it, then just relax and enjoy it!

"Bookending" your day with a spiritual practice is Pam's top tip for boosting your mental health. For example when you wake up you could run through an appreciation list - perhaps things such as feeling cosy in bed, feeling your head on the comfy pillow, know you have time for a lovely shower, then afterwards perhaps doing some journaling or meditation. At the end of your day Pam lists the things that have gone well and things that she's enjoyed, such as time with family, reading a book, enjoying a walk or a lovely flower in the garden.

"Energy flows where our intention goes" is a helpful saying to bear in mind. When we are paying attention to looking after ourselves, we are more likely to feel more positive, and you will be able to look out for more of the same on the next day.

Pam also stresses the "Progress not perfection" perspective. Any move forward is progress, and if we give ourselves credit for ALL the positive outcomes and enjoyable moments throughout the day, we can boost our wellbeing, and achieve optimum health.

Click here to watch the interview with Pam: https://fb.watch/6lFtHdBdRA/

Pam's website is here: https://www.nurturenutrition.org/

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